Komodo Island Day Tours, All-in-One Wonderful Tours

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Komodo island day tours have become a favorable preference for tourists on their holiday. Within approximately 12 hours, so many awesome destinations can be reached. Not only meeting the Komodo, but other signature places surround the island can also be visited.

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The destinations and trips in Komodo island day tours offered by some travel agents are varied. Yet, Komodo National Park is one definitive area on the list. If you are planning to have the tours, you might find the tidbits below helpful for your day-off in Flores.

Padar Island

From labuan bajo tour, most travel agents will take you directly to Padar island. It takes 3 hours by boat from the harbor to this third largest island in Komodo National Park. You are welcomed to climb the peak of Padar island. A 25-minutes climb will bring a magnificent view into your eyes. Outstanding beaches and bays are within your eyesight.  However, if

you do not feel like climbing, you can still enjoy the trip. There is a beach with its white sand next to the Padar island’s harbor. Tanning your skin can also be a great option to do.

Komodo National Park

Showtime! After a 1-hour boat trip from Padar island, you are going to meet the world’s biggest living lizard. Doing trekking in the National Park, you will be accompanied by park rangers. They know exactly some certain spots where you can meet this exotic animal: by the beach or in the hidden spot of the forest.
There are many treks that you can take, from a shorter to a longer trek. The trek you take will highly depend on the time you have during your Komodo island day tours. Any trek you have, somehow, will pour you with a beautiful forest atmosphere.

Pink Beach

You need just 30 minutes from the coast of Komodo National Park to Pink Beach. Its pinkish water will mesmerize you. The color actually comes up from the combination of white sand and coral fragments on the beach. The well-known activities here are snorkeling and swimming. The hard and soft corals are so beautiful that lots of tourists cannot hold to plunge themselves into the water.

Manta Point

komodo island 1 day tour

Located on the northern side of the National Park, Manta Point is a place for you to see gorgeous Manta Ray. They come to this spot several times a day to get themselves clean by smaller fish. To come here, you will have to take a

1-hour boat trip from Pink Beach.

You can snorkel or swim in Manta Point. However, be sure you are a good swimmer. Manta Point’s 5-meter depth water can sweep you once a bit rough waves come.  You will feel 12 hours are not enough. Your addiction to Flores beauty will say you want some more time to spend. Komodo island day tours are indeed as tempting and wonderful as they are.