A Complete Guide for Komodo Island Tours from Lombok

komodo island trip from lombok

Komodo Island is one of the tourist attractions that has its own charm. Besides you can see wildlife living on the island, one of them is like a Komodo dragon, you can also enjoy several other tourist attractions that are no less beautiful and amazing. If you want to travel to Komodo Island, you can choose a trip, whether you want land, sea or air. If you are currently in Lombok, maybe the komodo island tours from lombok using Phinisi is one solution.

To reach Komodo Island, we can use several routes, one of which is from Lombok. You can select several tour packages for Komodo Island tours from Lombok. With tour packages, you can save costs or funds and even save time. What is the price of the package?

When you decide to visit Komodo Island from Lombok it would be better if you use sea transportation services with a 5 day 4 night travel package. Usually if you choose the package you will not only visit Komodo Island but there will be several other tourist attractions that you will visit.

Travel to Komodo Island Tours from Lombok

komodo island tours from lombok

Usually in the package offered, there is some information about activities that can be done from the first day until the following day. Some activities per day include the following:

  • Day 1: Senggigi – Labuan Lombok – Gili Kondo – Gili Kapal – Moyo Island
  • Day 2: Moyo Island – Taka Labuan Haji – Satonda – Gili Lawa
  • Day 3: Gili Lawa – Menta Point – Red Beach – Komodo Island – Kalong Island
  • Day 4: Kalong Komodo Island – Padar Island – Goat Island – Go Home Rinca
  • Day 5: Rinca Kalong Island – Kanawa Island – Bidadari Island – Labuan Bajo
  • Some of these trip trips certainly include hotels to stay and so on.

Tour Package Prices To Komodo Island Tours From Lombok

Then for the price, you do not worry because the price of the Komodo Island tours from Lombok is quite affordable. But that will depend on the travel agent you choose, one that is cheap and affordable is komodowisata.com. Now the price offer is as follows:

  • Cabin (only 4 beds) starting from IDR 8,000,000 per person.
  • Class Max Deck 8 people starting from IDR 7,400,000 per person.
Ship Facilities
  1. Life jacket
  2. Fishing equipment
  3. Cabin for both with AC share and fan
  4. Beds on decks with mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and blankets per person
  5. Toilet and kitchen
  6. Radio
  7. Snorkelling equipment
  1. Mineral water 8 large bottles per person
  2. Tea and coffee along the way
  3. Conservation costs
  4. Eat (breakfast, lunch dinner)
  5. Fruits

komodo island trip from lombok

Well, that’s a description of the tour package to komodo island day trip from lombok. You can choose one of package of Komodo Island tours from Lombok which is offered by trusted travel agent.